Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

6 months of degrading comments. 6 months of fighting and tension. 6 months of dealing with the bullshit of one person interrupting 8 other peoples happiness. It's over.

So I last told you about me walking out of work in a blind rage on Wednesday. Well Thursday was tense but ok until my boss left for the day. Then bitchy tech turned all crazy again and kept making snide comments at me. I held my own and dreamed of Australia until her shift was over.

Friday morning I got a little one on one time with my boss while we were filling scripts together. I announced I wanted to make a few comments but not get into the nitty gritty. I laid it all out on the line. I told my boss exactly how I feel and how this drama has been affecting me. We had a good talk and I let him in on some of the stuff I'd been holding back on saying (I hate bitching at the boss).

I don't know what I said that stuck with him but something clicked. Before going for break head tech told me that our boss had just told her to prepare to be short one for the evening as he was sending bitchy tech home for the day and for the next week. :D I was pretty happy to not have to see her face for 9 days.

Something happened in that meeting. He pulled her into his office while I was on lunch and I'm guessing some words were exchanged because when I came back bitchy tech was gone and her drawer was empty. Later on we learned bitchy tech was "no longer with us".

Can you believe it!?!?!?!

This week has been so calm and peaceful. Even with the extra work load. I was sent home Tuesday because I couldn't stop barfing. Must have been stress. Besides that things have been good. I'm so relieved to not have that evil ball of nastiness floating around the pharmacy anymore. We are having so much fun now and getting a lot more done.


Punch Debt In The Face said...

Ding dong the B!tch is dead!

lowincomelady said...

I am so pleased for you! I read with concern your previous post about the person you were working with and it's great that she has been dealt with and you can work in peace.

DogAteMyFinances said...

YAY! I'm glad your work is so much better now!

hklover86 said...

thats so awesome he finally got rid of her! Should of done it as soon as she got that attitude though!

Arual said...

Hurray! :)

She should have been sent home (for forever) after her stupid "prank" aka "super crazy psycho mind game"

Frugal Dreamer said...

Oh thank heavens!!!

I am happy for you, and the rest of your co-workers lol. She sounded like a nightmare!

Ginger said...

Hey that is great news! I'm sure your boss will see what a great decision he made when he sees how much better the environment is, and how much better your work is!

What exactly did you say to him about her? I wanna hear the juicy details! :)

ashley said...

Excellent!! I'm glad your boss finally saw the light. Now you can concentrate on doing your work the best that you can, and maybe he'll notice the improvements! :)

Shevy said...

Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!

Yee haw! That's the best news I've heard in days!

And yes, she should have been gone the day she posted that "prank" note on the door.

Debt Dieter said...

Sounds like your boss started acting like a boss!