Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dreading Today

Things at work have gotten out of control. I had to walk out yesterday after only being there for an hour and 45 minutes. Bitchy tech is out of control and my boss still hasn't done anything about it.

How would any of you like to work with a person like this?: She fights with everyone, nothing can be simple, everything is a fight. She talks down to everyone. She comes in late and takes long unauthorized breaks when we are busy. She randomly disappears. She accomplishes nothing on a daily basis. She takes credit for other peoples work. She has random psychotic episodes which include crying and storming out while saying she's never coming back and then returns the next day like nothing happened. She said to my face that she finds my work unsatisfactory and took it upon herself to talk to our boss about it. This is a small list of things she regularly does.

Our pharmacy now has a very bad reputation because of this person. People have quit and are leaving. We have now been nicknamed the "dramacy" instead of pharmacy. We can't get relief pharmacists that we need, we can't get new pharmacists like we need. Everyone is aware of this one person and nobody wants to be stuck working with them in a hostile environment.

Tuesday I came to work after a great long weekend and everyone was smiling and giving high fives. There was a note that had been posted on my bosses door stating that bitchy tech was going on stress leave immediately until the end of October (when I leave). It was from her psychiatrist. I was relieved. Nervous about the extra responsibility but willing to take it on to not have to deal with her on a regular basis. Immediately all of our schedules had to be changed to work things out on such short notice. Our two fill in techs were offered more shifts and we had a game plan ready.

Wednesday I come to work and bitchy tech is there. WTF?!?! All my boss will tell me is that he has told her she has to explain to each person individually by the end of the day. I'm SO PISSED off I can't even tell you people. So I try to approach her but she blows me off and is totally rude to me as usual. So I go to blisterland (my nickname for the blister area) to get some work done and she is everywhere, all in my way. (this is typical, she will fight with you and then be all up in your personal space). She even tried to come back and push some work off at me but I tossed it back and her and told her to do it herself.

An hour later she comes back and almost starts yelling at me. The first thing she says is "So I guess I'm going to apologize for what was supposed to obviously be a joke that you guys didn't get". A joke?

So I asked her "Why the hell if it was a joke left for us to find Tuesday morning did you not call later that morning and say Hey, did you get my joke"? I told her how it affected all of us immediately with scheduling, people thinking they were going to be getting more hours etc. Then I said " I'm really tired of the Bitchy Tech Show, you really need to show more consideration for your fellow team members".

She retorted if anything that we should be the ones showing her more respect. Then Dolly lost it. Voices got raised and it was on like donkey kong. She started getting really close to me. Like a foot and a half away. I was so mad I was literally shaking and starting to tear up. I told her to back out of my personal space and walk away because I had lost it. She kept getting closer so I told her to back away right fucking now because I was going to lose it. (this is not the first time
this has happened)

My boss came running back there and demanded we go into his office and hash it out. I refused. I told him I was sick of the work day being interrupted all the time to deal with her shit. I told him I'm stressed out and drugged on Prevacid cuz I have to deal with her every fucking day and I'm sick of it. I'm tired of her talking to me like I'm a piece of shit, and then taking credit for my work.

He insisted the two of us (me and bitchy tech) go talk. Then she turned all super nice and looking like she was shocked that I was upset. She started in with this sugar sweet voice saying she wanted to work things out. I said "fuck no, get away from me".

I grabbed my jacket and announced to my boss I was going outside for ten minutes. I sat outside and I weighed my options. If I was to quit it would seriously affect my ability to save as much as I currently am for the trip. If I stay I may stab coworker in her crazy head. Hmm... FML.

I headed back in but as soon as I saw her I started shaking visibly so I decided it was time to call it a day. I motioned for my boss and told him I was taking the rest of the day off to cool down and would return the next day. I told him I refuse to be attacked at work by her and that I should not be expected to endure that and then continue the rest of my shift.

I called my mom to vent and cry to as I was on the bus, with strangers looking at me like I was some sort of nut ball. She told me she was on her way to see my Grandpa in the hospital. I didn't even know he had gone back in a few days before. The news wasn't good. They are discontinuing treatment and he is going home in a few days. I let all of my hostility go and told him jokes and sent him big vibes of love. We spent a few hours there, I vented a bit to my family in the hall and they gave me a ton of support.

How can I not be stressed? All I want to do is go to work, do a good job and then go home and live my life.

I DO NOT want to go to work today.


Ginger said...

Oooh the dramz! You have to keep us updated!

Also, why hasn't anyone gone above your boss or something to get this chick fired? There must be some recourse.

Hope things work out for you!

Canadian Saver said...

OMG, the drama!! I would have hit her when she walked in, after playing that little "joke" on you guys. That is just sick.

Why doesn't your boss deal with her????

Good luck dealing with all this :-( I was sooo happy for you, that you'd found a good paying job in your field... hope it gets back to being a fun job soon!

hklover86 said...

um wow that would never happen at my work.
was all of this yelling in front of customers?? My boss would never allow that.
It just seems like a very unprofessional environment. I think you should look for a new job..the stress is just not worth it!

Frugal Dreamer said...

Are you KIDDING me!

That is so crazy! A JOKE!?!

I really hope you can find a solution!!

Arual said...

Some joke...I am not even sure where that is funny. Except in a sad, this lady is clearly crazy and I can imagine laughing about it when i was 80 reflecting on my life about the tiem I worked with a crazy lady. I hope work went well for you today. I used to work in a pharmaceutical warehouse wityh this kind of drama. I think it has something to do with pharmacists getting high on their own supply. We were in a warehouse locked away from custoemrs though...I couldn't imagine walking into a pharmacy like that. PS I love that its called a dramacy only because pharmacy's use drams and I see more then one play on words :)

The Asian Pear said...

oh dear. that sounds awful. can your manager talk to her? how is she still employed?

Shevy said...

A joke? She left a note saying she was going on stress leave and it was a joke?

If I was her boss I'd have just told her that her request for leave had been accepted and that I'd expect to hear from her in mid-October, 2 weeks before her scheduled return to work. End of discussion.

Punch Debt In The Face said...

Sucky coworkers are not fun. It sounds like you handled the situation as best you could. Just remember, she's crazy and not worth your time :)

Debt Dieter said...

How can this woman still have a job?