Friday, January 28, 2011

A Wonderful Week in Chiang Mai

Well the week is not over but I'm having such a great time. The highlights have been attending a tradition Khantoke dinner, riding an elephant bareback, and taking a wonderfully fun and educational Thai cooking class. Oh, I almost forgot to mention two nights of glorious bartering at the night market where I finally finished buying gifts for my family who want to have a mini post Christmas when I get back.
I tried to get another Thai massage at the womens prison here (rehabilitation project) but they were full the day we went. I guess business is doing well. :) The money from the massage goes towards the womens future once they are released from prison. There is also a giftshop and cafe run by inmates. Great project.
Today BF and I are headed on a three day motorcycle tour on our own. We want to get away and explore some small hillside villages without big crowds. I'm hoping to visit an elephant dung paper factory before we head out. Apparently its very fiberous and makes great paper. I would also like to have a chance to visit a Karen "Long Neck" tribe while we're off on the bike.
Have I mentioned how much I love Thailand?


Laura said...

Yeah Elephant riding and a motorcycle tour :)

Louise said...

it's been great following your trip,

Dolly Iris said...

Louise - Thanks, it's going by faster than I can post. I will have months ahead once I return to Canada of travel posts. I get home in just a few weeks. Then prepared to be bombarded with pics and posts of my travels. :)
I wish I had posted all along but it just didnt work out that way.