Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Loving Thailand

Hey everyone~
This is the first internet access I've had in days. We are traveling all day tomorrow and hopefully soon I will have internet at my hotel. The place I've been staying the last 4 nights didnt have internet but... it was a bungalow on the beach... rough I know.
I managed a New Years post because I predated it but forgot to do a 30B430 post for the 30th. Ugh, not a great start BUT I did manage to knock at least one thing off the list. :) You'll just have to wait for my next goals post to find out what it was. Hehe

Miss you all!


halfdozendaily said...

I need to read through your archives to find out why you're in Thailand! Sounds wonderful!!

Dolly Iris said...

There is a huge gap in this blog which I will get around to filling slowly. I took a year off to travel with my boyfriend. It started as just a trip to Australia, then when we booked our tickets we decided to add on Thailand to the end of the trip. Then we found out we could do a layover free in Hong Kong. Then when we were in Oz we thought well since we're so close to New Zealand. Now we are in Thailand and we have to do a visa run in just over a week so welcome Cambodia to the mix.