Monday, January 17, 2011

MUSICAL MONDAYS job 2 do - doo doo doo

At the guesthouse I stayed at in Krabi Thailand there was a really good CD that would play from time to time in the lobby area downstairs while I was skyping with my family. I asked the owner the name of the artist to which he responded "Job 2 Do". I set out to find the CD at a store down the street. I do like this song and it is very popular but I REALLY like the song "One World" which I haven't located online yet to share but did manage to get on CD along with this song. Enjoy some Thai music!

My internet is weak so I hope I picked a good link for you. Fingers crossed!


Laura said...

Love this! Can totally imagine dancing around at a club to this :) Its super fun. I wonder what the lyrics mean?

halfdozendaily said...

Love the song... it's beautiful and super catchy!! TFS! :)

The guitarist is amazing.. wow!

tommy moto said...

Good u ebjoy the music
One World is from One World Album
Here is alink to some similar tunes from the Thai African Sunset album
Job 2 Do & Tommy Moto + Ti Up 2 Ku
Peace Love & Happiness