Thursday, December 2, 2010

NZ - There's no place like home

Hey everyone! I got a couple minutes here at an internet place to say a quick Howdy!

So far NZ is super fabulous. It reminds me so much of home (BC, Canada) though which might be why. I've been a little homesick so its hitting the right spot for me before the big culture shocks I'm hoping for in Hong Kong and Thailand.

I am still working on my 30 B4 30 list. It's a definite challenge to come up with 30 goals, especially when I'm traveling, my 30th birthday is in under two years and I don't know what is going to happen with my life during that time. Still, its good to have goals to work towards no matter what is happening in your life.

You'll have to be patient with me on updates and regular blog posts for the time being as you know. I promise to post some amazing photos of everywhere I visit.

Love you all long time!

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