Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Checked Into The Mansions

Well here I am blogging from my tiny room in HongKong. So far things are going pretty well. We arrived here and found our way to our hostel pretty easily. We are staying in the Chung King Mansions which sounded a little sketchy in reviews but is actually not bad at all. Its a backpacker building with tons of different hostels. We chose one called Disney Deluxe. The only thing Disney about it is the Tinkerbell bathmat but its clean and thats what counts to me.

We arrived two days ago and just ate and slept. Yesterday we explored and found it to be a real maze to get around. We got lost trying to find the visitor center and gave up. It was still a good outing though. We found a lot of cheap places to eat and basically stuffed ourselves all day long. I call that successful.

BF is still sleeping right now. Not sure what the itinerary is for today but I have a few things I really want to do this week. I will let you guys know how it goes. :)

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