Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fresh Coat of Paint

I decided to try out some new templates. I was most attracted to this one. The colors are very me. However its quite dark. I wanted something drastic and that would show my photos better. Its likely temporary as I have arranged to have some work done on my header by a friend. I have a very specific idea in mind and I'm hoping he can make it happen for me. He's in the middle of redoing his own blog so I wont approach him until I'm back home in February.

Likey? No likey?


Jen said...

I have a black blog... and I love it!! Give it a try for awhile and see what you think. The black blog is at:


The Asian Pear said...

I dunno... It's a bit... Dark? But the big question is if you like it!

ashley said...

Likey! I don't mind the dark.