Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Most Thoughtful Gift

BF and I recently went through an entire week of bad luck. It started with our computer refusing to turn on (RIP old friend) one morning. That afternoon BF came to pick me up from work and on our way home our truck started blowing smoke everywhere and overheating. The next day he blew the tire on his bike on the way home from work in the rain. The following day I was in the shower when the biggest nose bleed of my life occured. I never have nose bleeds ever. On my way into my room after the shower I flipped on the light to have the bulb flash and die. The next day I almost threw my back out picking up the garbage can to take to the curb because there was a crack in the lid and it filled with water. Then I had to drain the water out off the back deck which stunk like rot because we had had turkey dinner 7 days before.

Nice, right?

The worst part... my computer was dead. I realized then how much I depend on my computer. I had planned 75% of my birthday on Facebook and now was 5 days away without being able to get online. I had to look things up using a phonebook. I couldn't read your blogs!!! All the wonderful goodies were gone.

Then I realized... my photos. Every picture I had taken in 10 years. People who have read my blog for awhile may remember that last year my grandfathers home burned down. Hundreds of family photos and mementos gone. My mothers things were stored there too so all of those pictures were gone too. Me being the photographer of the family had any pictures left of the last few years of family get togethers. Now I had lost my pictures. All the pictures of my Grandfather over the last year of his life. I was so depressed.

Two days before my big party night Nathaniel rang me up and told me he was going to ask his roommate to throw together a computer for me to use until my trip to Australia. I couldn't believe it. That would only be one day to put together a computer and I really didn't expect his housemate to go to so much last minute trouble for me.

To my delight Nathaniel arrived here on a ferry carring a tower for me. Stashed away in his stylish suitcase was another gift. An external harddrive. My friend had come to save the day and help me restore my most cherished possessions.

I had forgotten how many other things had accumulated over the last 9 years. My old business logos, my resume, all my documents and pictures. I had been planning to back up all of these things but procrastinated a week too long.

So a big shout out is due to Nathaniel for helping his computer illiterate friend bring her most personal items back to life and giving me the gift of amazing memories. He always asks me to write an updated post and this one is just for him, to recognize what an amazing friend I have.

Also, to Housemate. To take time out of your schedule to do such a big last minute project for a girl who you only see when she's crashing at your pad... you are my hero! Dinner is on me the next time I'm over. I cannot thank you enough for helping us to restore my files. It means a lot to both me and my family. I'll be sure to "pay it forward" in some way. Thanks again!


The Asian Pear said...

ouch. sorry to hear about the streak of bad luck. fortunately, you were able to recover some of the data. so maybe it's all goodnews onward? :)

Nathaniel Christopher said...

Housemate is amazing! I can't believe he pulled it together so quickly.

I'm really touched by this post, Dolly.

I think we're all grateful for your friendship, words and wonderful photos. To have any of that lost would be a crime against all of humanity!