Monday, December 5, 2011

Things That Are New

So my last post was for Thanksgiving? Ouch.. well my computer is pretty much crapped out and was out of comission for a while due to a virus. Now the fan is dead so its slowly dying and I'm trying to save for a new one. How addicted I am to internet. There is another reason why I need access to the internet now though.
BF is across Canada from me for 6-7 months. I'm three weeks in and I have to tell you that long distance sucks. Especially when we've been together so many years spending every waking minute together. He is there for work. I plan to visit in the Spring and then in the Summer we will to figure things out.
To keep my baby Chipotle from being sad and depressed at the departure of his stay at home dad we expanded our family to include a second furbaby we've called Pepper on paper but Pepe is our sweetheart name. He adds so much and really rounds out our family. Chippy could not be happier and I am very much in love with them both.
Pictures to soon come. :)


Laura said...

Boo to having to go through the long distance thing. J had to do night shift for a few weeks and I didn't deal well. I can only imagine how hard it is to not even be in the same province.

Grey kitties are my favorite. So cute! Lucky Chippy gets a new BFF. Happy to know they are getting along :)

Dolly Iris said...

Yes, Boo indeed. Its so lamesauce.

They do love each other. Pepe is the perfect companion. My perfect furfamily :)