Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feeling Stressed

Lately there has been a lot of unhappy stuff happening in my personal life and today I had a little breakdown. At work. Ugh. It was a day where we were a bit overstaffed though so I was able to go home early.

Yesterday a customer called me an ignorant asshole and reported me to head office. My boss was on my side though. I do take a lot of sh*t from people at work (customers) but I think I'm just super sensitive right now. Work is usually a happy part of my day. I guess when you feel like you're getting crapped on in every direction it doesn't take a lot to break you down.

I feel like I really need a way to destress myself. I'm starting with setting up a me space where I can sit and be creative. Its one of my goals this month and I'm hoping it will be beneficial in a few ways to me.

A coworker suggested yoga to me. Another one suggested some diet changes to help me feel better. I'm just so dumpy feeling right now that I'm just feeling like hitting the couch and absorbing large amounts of the boob tube.

How do u relax or deal with pressure situations?


Laura said...

I deal with chain smoking and drinking. I'm only kind of kidding. I would love to say something insightful and inspiring, but the truth is when things go awry, my bar is no longer dry (I just made that up, but I like it). Something more healthy that I do when I am not happy about where my life is, is read something inspirational and kind of guide-like to getting me to a better place. Ex. after my break up, I read the cheesy "It's called a break up because its broken" and tried following the steps, when I feel my finances are crazy, i read books about getting out of debt, when i feel like I could do more, i read biographies, when I feel out of shape, I read diet and fitness plans. I'm sad to hear life is crazy for you right now. Sending you a huge hug!

Louise said...

some people are just jerks and it's a pain when you have them abusing you at work. I'm glad you're boss backed you though.

unfortunately I deal with pressure by eating chocolate & watching movies :) sometimes I get it right and go for a good long walk or sit and meditate.
hope you had a better day today

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