Sunday, April 24, 2011


Buying and selling online is so NOT fun. I've been on the buyers side for weeks now. Being beat out of sales, not getting responses, and just plain dealing with weird people selling their stuff. So I have not managed to snag any good furniture deals. BF says he would rather wait and save and buy new. I'm not so into paying top dollar for a new couch set. I'd really like a large sectional with fold out bed which runs between $1500-2000 new. Yikes! I'd rather wait to find one in great condition used for a couple hundred.

We've also experienced the seller side of things. For over a month now BF and I have had our washer and dryer up for sale. The place we moved into had a set and once BF took them apart and cleaned them up we found they were a great set. So we put our up for sale to make space. Orginally they were given to me by a friend. Over time we replaced a few parts on them and the run great. So we put them up for sale at $175 for the pair.

We had a ton of emails which I would respond to and then never hear back again. A lot of it was people asking if they were still available. I would say "yes" and never hear back. Strange! One person came by to see them. A few people asked me to call and then were rude on the phone. It was very discouraging but we kept on and renewed our free ad again to see what would happen. Finally yesterday a guy came by to see them. BF hooked them up so he could see them working and he was happy with what he saw. He offered BF $150 (which is the price we were willing to haggle down to anyway) and took them right then and there after handing over cash.

Yay! So I got $60 out of the deal to put towards my "furniture fund" and BF got the other $90 as he was the one who kept them maintained and payed for the replacement parts. Since I got the set for free orginally I'd call this a super fun win-win for both of us. I'm so happy to see them gone and even more happy to have an extra few bucks to put towards something I really want. :)


hklover86 said...

congrats on selling them! I just put up some old clothes on kijiji but no bites yet.

The Asian Pear said...

sweet! I've tried to use kijiji to buy but never to sell. glad it worked out. :)

~Carla~ said...

Awesome!! :) I too can't believe how rude some kijiji'ers are! I've had so many stand me up after asking or my addy, etc... SO VERY ANNOYING! But still worth the hassles most of the time!