Friday, August 21, 2009

Ticket Frenzy

I just got back from a morning full of ticket buying with my best friend R.

First we went to buy tickets to see the BC Lions Vs Montreal Alouettes in September. I already booked the day off work weeks ago. This is becoming an annual event for us. Last year we all went and the Lions won. BF was sad, lol :P For 2 tickets it cost me a total of $74. That includes the "convenience charge' of $7 for each ticket. Hmm

Then we went to buy tickets to a local foodie event that's taking place later on in September. I booked a half day off for that as well. The tickets were $10 each for BF and I. Once we get there we will have to buy food tickets to trade for samples and drinks. It should be a lot of fun. I wanted to go last year but they sold out so quickly. It's a great way to try a lot of different foods from local restaurants. I'm all for supporting the locals!

September is looking to be a great month as I also found a pamphlet that announces a big wine festival coming up in the Cowichan Valley. That sounds like a great weekend trip. I'll have to run that one by BF.

Come on September!

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ashley said...

Oh, I always wanted to go to one of those food festival things! Or a wine festival, that would rock too. And $10 seems pretty cheap.