Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 Days, 32K and Dolly Did Della

BF and I spent our August long weekend completing one of his personal goals, hiking Della falls.
This is a picture I took from the base of the falls.

Here is a picture a little farther away. There is a very stellar view point a few km away but with the heat and an unfortunate injury we didn't make it to Love Lake. Still, we enjoyed the trip and the falls were absolutely breath taking. BC Parks is no longer maintaining the trails though so it was a very rough trip. There was a lot of bushwhacking, climbing over fall trees, deep sink holes, boulders and such. There was even a point where a bridge was taken out by heavy snow fall so we had to cross through the river. It was extremely intense, especially because we have been experiencing a major heat wave on the coast. All in all Bf is happy and I'm glad to have shared in helping him meet a goal of his. Its experiences like this that bring us closer together and help solidify our relationship together.

I thought this picture was cute. These are our new hiking boots. BF purchased them at MEC a few weeks ago. Mine were a gift from him as a belated Christmas gift. He had originally promised me a Gortex jacket when I finally picked one out but decided on the boots instead.

The trip cost us $252 for the taxi boat to and from the trail entrance, $5 for moleskin, $20 for a new water bag for my pack, and I'm guessing $30 in dry food and snacks. BF paid for everything, I just had to endure the intense hike, lol.

I sure am glad I booked today off of work because I am one sore girl! :)

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Nathaniel Christopher said...

It looks like you had an awesome time! I guess the water must have cooled things down a little bit, eh? How was the weather at night?

Did you see any animals or people? :)