Friday, July 24, 2009

Taking French Classes

For the last few years I've been considering French classes. BF is originally from Quebec and his entire family and all his friends are of course French speaking. The one time we went to visit was hard for me because a lot of the time I was very silent and could not communicate with anyone. I usually joke around a lot and everything I said was just lost on them. It was frustrating not being able to present myself the way I would like to and left me very frustrated.

I would really like to be able to talk to BF's mom and get to know everyone better. One day we plan to live in Quebec for a few years and I really think it would help me out if I started to learn it now.

The only classes I've seen listed are fairly expensive and week days at weird times. Today though it occurred to me that we have a Francophone Society here and that maybe they would have a suggestion. Turns out they have classes starting Sept 12 that are once a week for a few hours on Saturday. Perfect! Then I asked about fees and she told me its $85 for the 8 week program if I'm a member and $115 if I'm not. The membership fees for one year would be $15 for me and $10 for BF which is still $10 cheaper than paying the non member course fee.

Yay! I'm pretty happy to have found this course. I'm going to print out the forms and go down there next week after I talk it over with BF.


Fabulously Broke said...

I hope he's going to practice with you, because it's a hell of a time trying to remember everything without speaking it! LOL

(btw.. pretty please, can you choose between comment moderation OR word verification? :D :D :D)

ashley said...

That sounds great! I definitely know how it is... I used to date a guy from Moscow and he always had to translate whenever I needed to talk to his parents. Good luck learning French!

Shevy said...

Something I checked out recently, after Trent posted about it on The Simple Dollar, is LiveMocha. You do lessons for free on the computer, can write submissions (or record them) and other members of the community rate them, practise chatting with other members (ones who are fluent or native speakers of the language you're learning) etc.

I like it because you can do it whenever you have time. It's not just French; you can choose from a whole list of languages.

Dolly Iris said...

FB - Of course! He's thrilled! Sorry no, I like having both. ;)

Ashley - So you know exactly how I feel. Thanks.. I'll need it because I'm horrible with language. Eep!

Shevy - Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll have to check it out sometime.

Nathaniel Christopher said...

Dolly is worth the arduous, painful process of word verification and moderation. No pain, no game! ;)