Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Strange Request

Yesterday when as we returned home from seeing a movie BF found a small letter addressed to him from an unrecognizable name. We came in and opened it right away. The letter stated the following: (names changed of course)

Dear BF,


My name is Some Guy. My wife Domestic Goddess and I would like to $BUY$ your house at 123 Candy Lane. Please call us at....

Thanks, Some Guy

At first I was really creeped out by the letter. I mean who would want to buy a house without seeing the inside. Also, we don't own this house so how did the man even get BF's name.

I broke out my detective skills and googled our real address to find that BF's name is located as the top two search results from Canpages. Hmm. Then I googled the address the letter was sent from and discovered it was from a couple that live on an island close to us. Then I decided to google each of their names to discover they own a B&B and seem quite alright. Not so creepy afterall.

I felt better after my little investigation but now what should I do? We were planning to give notice for the end of January anyway as we plan to go to Australia but still. So do I email the proper owners contact info to the couple or contact my landlord and offer their info to him? They really should have contacted the city to find out who owns the house. That would have been the proper way to go about things.

Still, it's weird for them to suddenly want to buy this house without seeing it from inside. I mean, it is in need of some serious updates. BF and I have often joked that we would buy this property if we were guaranteed the house would burn down and we could rebuild on the land. The electrical, plumbing, layout, kitchen, bathrooms, mostly everything needs to be redone. Just call this place the Money Pit. Secretly though, I will miss this home and the garden we built in the backyard.

Also, the agent that works for our landlord is a real douche bag. The house was for sale before we began renting it 3 years ago but they took if off the martket for us. I don't want to have to deal with him again, or people running in and out of here for showings. I suppose it also feels a little bit invasive to me and that it makes moving from here definite. Maybe I'm just a wee bit nervous about our upcoming travels.

So should I pass on the info?


Nathaniel Christopher said...

Hey Dolly,

Fuck 'im! You don't owe him anything but rent. You pay your rent, you're a good tenant and I know that this landlord doesn't always respect your right to privacy or quiet.

Based on his past actions I bet if you passed on this information to your landlord it would just bring in more noise, disruptions and mess.

Enjoy your last few months in private and pretend that you never got this letter. If they are THAT serious about buying the house they can figure out how to contact the owners on their own without your help. You're not getting paid to do this, so fuck 'im!

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

My cousins got a similar offer and ended up selling their house to the people. (The owned it, and intended on moving in a few months anyway...)

It worked out well in their case.

I'd write back and say simply: "Thanks for the offer, but we are just renters" and leave it at that.

Canadian Saver said...

This is weird... what did you decide to do?

Dolly Iris said...

More on this to come ;)